Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Free Call on Facebook with Chatphone En version

Hallo the reader.thank you for visiting this simple blog.
This time I will post about free software that can call fellow facebook users who would have become our friends and had his computer to install this software .. the name of the software is Thechatphone.
A little explanation about this software: This software is actually almost the same with other software that provides similar services, such as skype etc. That is software that provides a free telephone service among users of the software. How to use this software is quite simple. So you must be able to use this software.
These are some screenshots of these thechatphone:

You can download the software at:
You can also directly download the software at www.thechatphone.com
If you want more details about this software. Please visit their site at www.thechatphone.com

If you are Indonesian, you can read this article in nuhekejiwan.blogspot.com

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